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Welcome Febuary "Love the Month and Wishful Great"

Allright,  welcome febuary.

Januari bulan penuh rejeki, allhamdullah ya allah, and i gave of name the GREEN month dan hari ini adalah awal dari febuary dan saya berharap febuari merupakan bulan penuh warna colorfull ngga hanya pink or blue but all. 😀

Banyak doa dan harapan di bulan ini, semoga semua itu terkabul. amin.

Menghitung mundur mulai hari ini, dan dimulai dari countdown angka 14 sebelum mencapai 0  yaitu 14 Febuari, yeah itu adalah hari lahir saya, dimana bertambahnya usia semakin tua, 21 tahun.

Mulai melangkah kedepan, memikirkan yang terbaik buat diri sendiri dan keluarga tercinta. Semoga apa yang diinginkan dan diharapkan diberikan kelancaran oleh Allah SWT. Amin

Robbi, yassir wa la tu‘assir, Robbi, tammim bil khoir, Ya

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11 Steps : How To Take Great Photographs

You Will Need

  • A camera
  • A flash (optional)
Shoot level with subject

Step 1: Shoot level with subject

Shoot level with your subject. Being too far above or below can make your shot impersonal and less interesting.

Avoid busy backgrounds

Step 2: Avoid busy backgrounds

Keep your subject away from complicated, detailed and distracting backgrounds, even those found naturally.

Watch out for objects that could look like they’re connected to your subject, like a tree that appears to grow from their head!

Move in close

Step 3: Move in close

Don’t be afraid to move in close. You’re looking for the most interesting angle, so consider whether you want to shoot a field of flowers, a single flower, or a tight shot of a single petal.

Shoot vertical

Step 4: Shoot vertical

Take some vertical shots. It’s natural to shoot horizontally, but that’s exactly why verticals can be so striking.

Lock focus on subject

Step 5: Lock focus on subject

When using an auto-focus camera, lock the focus on your subject and then re-frame the shot however you want. That way, your subject will always be in sharp detail.

Move subject away from middle

Step 6: Move subject away from middle

Move the subject away from the middle. Use the rule of thirds, mentally dividing the viewing area into three vertical sections, and then keep your subjects in the left or right sections.

For landscape photos, divide the viewing area into thirds horizontally, and keep the horizon in the top or bottom section.

Frame your photo

Step 7: Frame your photo

Consider framing your photo with something in the foreground, like an overhanging tree branch, especially if the subject is in the distance.

Watch light

Step 8: Watch light

Watch the light and keep your subject out of the extremes—both shadows and harsh, bright light.

Natural light is always preferable, but if you’re indoors or it’s cloudy, use a flash to keep your subjects well lit.

Direct subject

Step 9: Direct subject

Tell your subjects where to move, and where to stand. They’ll like the photo more if they look good, so don’t be afraid to boss them around.

Take lots of pictures

Step 10: Take lots of pictures

Take lots of pictures. In today’s digital age, there’s no reason to not fill up your memory card.

Don't check after every shot

Step 11: Don’t check after every shot

Don’t stop after every shot to check the digital image. Not only does it drain your battery, but it distracts you from your subject. Just trust your talents and keep shooting.

Source :

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Match Maker & Dating Script for Developer

Dating software biz

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Online Dating Software SOFTBIZ

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The V3 Profile system is fully customisable and features live 121 private chat, blogs, photo gallerys, multi-level memberships, integrated paypal payment system, messageboards, advertising modules, dating features and much more. Optional plugins for the V3 Profiles script include, V3 Messenger (Pro), V3 Desktop (Pro) and V3 Chat Rooms (Pro)

wazzup dating script

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Matrimonial Website script clone

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iScripts CyberMatch – Dating Software

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iScripts CyberMatch is a flexible dating site software for users to create online dating websites in minutes. This software supports main payment gateways to run paid and free memberships. Integrated background check and identity check enables you to operate a safe and secure dating site and generate additional revenue. Other key features include multi image profiles, multiple profiles per user, IM, content management system, alerts, free codes to promote the site, events manger etc..




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Kemaren waktu pas mau berangkat hunting di taman sari, my sista mba intan, bilang mau ikut kelas pagi fotografi apa?? lha, saya sendiri ngga tau kelas pagi fotografi itu apa, pulang hunting lansung seaching kelaspagi itu tempat apa, katanya sih gratisan.

Setelah dicari tenyata nemu group FBnya, dan sayang sekali pendataran kelaspagi tersebut baru aja di tutup untuk angkatan II, tapi salute nya kelas itu ngga akan melarang siapa punya ingin masuk kelas.

Nah, bagi yang belum tau Kelas Pagi ini apa ?? Mari simak !!!

KELAS PAGI adalah sebuah komunitas fotografi yang dibentuk dan dikembangkan oleh fotografer profesional Anton Ismael.

Titik berat kegiatan
KELAS PAGI adalah belajar fotografi, dari teori, praktik, tugas, hingga evaluasi.
KELAS PAGI tidak memungut uang gedung atau uang pangkal, agar dapat diakses oleh rekan-rekan yang secara ekonomi kurang mampu, namun berkeinginan kuat untuk bersama-sama belajar fotografi.

KELAS PAGI YOGYAKARTA mulai berkegiatan OKTOBER 2009 dengan PAMERAN FOTO karya teman2 KELAS PAGI JAKARTA di markas Prawirodirjan , Jogja.

Kelas Pagi pada dasarnya terbuka utk siapa saja. Dari yg sama sekali buta fotografi sampai yang sudah tahu banyak namun masih ingin belajar maupun berbagi ajar. Dari yang kaya sampai yang miskin. Tua muda. Kuota pendaftaran adalah hanya karena ruang kelasnya yang memang tidak luas. Kuesioner adalah untuk pengelompokan peserta.

Siapa saja yang tidak mendaftar atau tidak mengisi kuesioner tetap punya hak utk belajar, dan kami tidak bisa membatasi hak tsb. Mendaftar atau tidak, mengisi kuesioner atau tidak, itu pilihan. Dan semua pilihan tentu ada konsekuensinya masing-masing.
Yang jelas pendaftaran Angkatan 1 sudah ditutup .
Kelas sudah berjalan 1 tahun.
Jika gabung sekarang, mungkin akan ketinggalan hal hal yg basic.


Belajar adalah hak semua orang, jika memang berkeinginan kuat, ikutilah keinginan itu 🙂

Denah alamat KELAS PAGI YOGYAKARTA ada di sini :

– Anton Ismael
– Nicoline Patricia Malina
– Michael Pondaag
– Makarios Soekotjo
– Don Hasman
– Prof Drs Soeprapto Soedjono MA. Phd
– Fajar Aprianto
– Pinto N.H.
– Dwi Oblo
– Kristupa Saragih
– Layung Buworo
– Wawan Prabowo
– Kris Budiman
– Angkasa N.M.
– Dhody Syailendra
– Heri Gunawan
– Wang Santoso
– Agus Suparto
– Raditya Djati
– Bert Lanting
– Kelik Broto
– Hermitianta
– Bea Wiharta
– Dita Alangkara
– Hendra Kusuma
– Syevira Citra H.
– Mediantono
– Luki
– Karolus Naga
– Cak Ncop
– Bayu Prihantoro Phillemon
– Angki Purbandono
– Wimo Bayang
– Anung Srihadi
– Hendy

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Awalnya Mereka Hanya Teman Biasa : Jalaran Soko Kulino

Yeah,. i was shoot this scene about days ago.

Guitar and guitalele yamaha GL-1

Awalnya mereka hanya teman biasa : Jalaran soko kulino

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Wonderfull Life Chord Guitar / Guitalele – Alter Brigde

Tinggal kan music reggae sejenak (just refres), dari kemaren dengarin album baru alter bridge, baru dapat hasil download si nita *thanks ya ta*, ada beberapa lagu yang damai when i’m listening, part of one dengan judul Wonderfull life, padahal malam ini lumayan capek abis ngajar 2 sesi di BTC, it’s ok, lagunya sangat mengoda untuk dimainkan dengan guitalele baru,. :)). coba coba, inilah chord yang saya cari. *klo ada salah mohon koreksinya ya. 🙂

Intro: G D Em C 2x

G          D
Close your eyes,
         Em      C
And just hear me sing,
         G        D
One last long goodbye,
         Em                          C
One last song before you spread your wings.

        G       D       C
There's so much left to say,
                G      D      A
And before this moment slips away

       C         G
What a wonderful life,
       Em                        C
For as long as you've been at my side,
      C           G
And I want you to know,
I loved you so

    G          D
The cold night calls,
        Em              C
And the tears fall like rain,
        G            D
It's so hard letting go,
       Em               C
Of the one thing I'll never replace

    G        D       C
And soon you will be gone,
          G           D         A
But these words, they will live on

       C         G
What a wonderful life,
       Em                        C
For as long as you've been at my side,
      C           G
And I want you to know,
I'll miss you so,
               C               G
And though our days come to an end,
         Em                    C
No, I'll never love like this again,
       C         G       D
What a wonderful life my friend

Bridge: Em D G A C 2x


All that I am,
You let me be,
         D      F
I will remember you,
For all that you've done,
             G     D     F
And given to me

Love will remain,
This I can see,
           D    F
Now and forever more
Because of you,
Now I believe

I believe

       C         G
What a wonderful life,
       Em                        C
For as long as you've been at my side,
      C           G
And I want you to know,
I loved you so

       C         G
What a wonderful life,
       Em                        C
For as long as you've been at my side,
      C           G
And I want you to know,
I'll miss you so,
               C               G
And though our days come to an end,
         Em                    C
No, I'll never love like this again,

                 Em     D     G
What a wonderful life
            A     C
A wonderful life
                 Em     D     G
What a wonderful life
            A     C
A wonderful life

         Em         D
And with one last embrace
       G                           A     C
As the tears fall like rain you're gone
         Em           D
And with one last goodbye,
       G                        A     C
As you fade out tonight, you're gone.

Versi unplugged di youtube juga ada, cekitout video yang diatas. :D

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New Album Alter Bridge – AB III, Thats Great.

Gratis alias free download album baru dari Alter Bridge – AB III (new Album 2010).

Ada yang tak kenal dengan band yang satu ini??? Ia terkenal dengan lagunya yang bejudulkan Open Your Eyes pada album pertama mereka. Setelah mengeluarkan dua album sebelumnya yaitu One Day Remain sebagai album pertama mereka dan BlackBird menjadi album kedua mereka dengan hits Watch over you, akhirnya Alter Bridge mengeluarkan album terbarunya yang telah rilis pada pengujung tahun lalu. Album terbaru mereka diberi judul AB III.

Pada album ketiga ini mereka mengeluarkan 14 lagu, and everything is quality, *quality yes, quantity yes. 🙂  berikut list tack lagu lagu tersebut. :

1. AlterBridge – Slip to the Void
AlterBridge – Isolation
3. AlterBridge – Ghosts of Days Gone By
4. AlterBridge – All Hope Is Gone
5. AlterBridge – Still Remains
6. AlterBridge – Make It Right
7. AlterBridge – Wonderful Life
8. AlterBridge – I Know It Hurts
9. AlterBridge – Show Me a Sign
10. AlterBridge – Fallout
11. AlterBridge – Breath Again
12. AlterBridge – Coeur D’Alene
13. AlterBridge – Life Must Go On
14. AlterBridge – Words Darker Than Their Wings.
You want listen all ??? download Album Alterbrige III klik disini,
silahkan extract lalu masukan password
Selamat mendengarkan. 🙂

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Color Of Jakarta, Online Photo Competition



Pemerintah Jakarta bekerjasama denga HP color of indonesia mengadakan berbagai lomba kompetisi salah satunya adalah lomba fotografi.

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